Leading the way in the south

Düsseldorf, Paul-Thomas-Str. 56+58

Broschüre Grundrisse Freiflächen

The awareness of how the entire working environment plays an increasingly decisive role in work efficiency and success has prevailed. Only those who feel happy and comfortable at work are also motivated to give their best on a daily basis. Both buildings follow this integral approach in a convincing way. The combination of location, profitability, office climate, site and workplace quality, paired with the structural features of both properties, result in unique unparalleled location benefits.

The elegant interplay of the floor-to-ceiling glass façades with the surrounding balconies is one of the architectonic highlights. This makes the transition from inside to outside flow and, in combination with the lavish landscaping of the rooftop terraces, a beneficial transparency is created here.

The sun shade system is both beautiful and intelligent. Its sophisticated design contributes to eliminating glare effects in the spaces without blocking the view when in use. The view outside remains unobstructed. This significantly increases the potential of the rooms, which is also reflected in the well-being of the employees.
This is made technically possible due to state-of-the-art building control technology. When the sun is shining, the sun shades are activated automatically, even at weekends. This means that, unlike other sun protection systems, the offices are already pleasantly air-conditioned at the beginning of the week.

» First-class office climate

As well as location and profitability, site and workplace quality, studies on productivity in the workplace have also shown the great importance of room temperature. The feeling of comfort has a direct influence on the productivity of the employees. If the ideal temperature varies by, for example 5 °C, this results in a drop in performance of approx. 25%.
Thanks to an intelligent room air-cooling system, which can be controlled electronically and individually for every room, the ideal temperature remains constant on hot days. And you don’t even need to forgo window ventilation. Compared to air-conditioningsystems, the room air-cooling system stands out with its efficient temperature adjustment and significantly lower operating costs.


You determine the spaces. Thanks to grid units of 1.80 m the floor space can be individually designed. From an office for one person of 17 m² to an open-plan office of 300 m², every room layout is possible. As ceiling bulkheads are integrated into every grid unit, room layout changes can be made at any time without complicated and expensive reconstruction work. Simply present us with your room planning and we will provide you with floor plan suggestions free of charge.


Open-plan and group offices in particular place increased demands on the required sound insulation. This is why the suspended ceilings in the properties are made from AMF panels with a sound absorption of NRC = 0.90. This and the fact that the ceiling bulkheads have been integrated into the grid units of the room layout guarantee the highest degree of sound insulation.
Creative and spacious group offices as shown in the photo above, for example, do not necessarily have to lead to high utility bills, if triple glazing with a U value of 0.6 and heat insulation with a thickness of 30 cm are used in the roof.


As a tenant of one of the properties two qualified on site maintenance staff will be at your disposal. During the hours of 6.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. they will carry out smaller renovation and repair services free of charge, as well as electrical work. The benefits for you are: maximum service that is close at hand and the reliable security of professional assistance.


The properties have the most modern facility management and security technology, with permanent video surveillance of entrances and exits and non-contact card readers. With the matching transponders, which can be attached to keyrings, the owner can open all doors they are entitled to access. The incorporationof an intercommunication system into the telephone system and the transmission of video images from entrance areas and hallways on each of the floors via Internet are also possible.


Thanks to the well-designed architecture, the use of intelligent technologyand cost-effective room air cooling, utility costs are at an extremely low 2.60 €/m²* – clearly well below the market level. Even if the energy costs for the two buildings should increase by 100%, this would correspond to an increase in incidental expenses for heating and cooling of just 0.70 €/m². In view of the meteoric energy price development this is an important factor that will quickly pay off for you.