Best Inner City Location

Cologne, im Mediapark 5

Broschüre Grundrisse Freiflächen

Welcome to “Im MediaPark 5“ – an architectural highlight which impressively reflects the philosophy of the MediaPark. The high-quality building fabric in conjunction with its many potential uses makes it the top address on the site. Offices, apartments, commercial units and catering establishments – here everything is elegantly combined under one roof. An extensive glass façade with circumferential balconies give the entire complex a light transparent appearance.

The lateral design, which is based on a square, and the puristic elegance of the rear façade give the building an unmistakable face. The architectural concept is rounded off by the appendix on the park side. Taken as a whole, the architectural versatility displayed by MediaPark 5 is a fascinating sight.

» First-class office climate

A pleasant climate is provided by the modern room air cooling system. This is only required on hot days in order to reduce the room temperatures to the desired level. You do not have to do without window ventilation and – in contrast to air conditioning – the running costs are low. Moreover, an external sunshade system controls the levels of sunlight in the rooms. This increases the feeling of physical well-being, improves efficiency – and lowers energy costs.


Thanks to the sophisticated architecture and state-of-the-art technology, the average incidental costs are approximately € 2.90 per square metre and month, making the incidental costs for the offices at “Im MediaPark 5“ well below the average for comparable properties – saving you a good deal of money in the long term.


The room layout can be easily adapted to your requirements. Integrated suspended ceilings and raised floors based on a 1.90 m grid allow you to modify the layout from anything between a single office of 17 m² to open plan offices of 400 m². Seals are integrated into the ceiling of each grid to provide the necessary sound insulation between the rooms while allowing subsequent modification to the room layout at any time.


The property includes modern building control and safety technology which can be quickly and flexibly adapted to your requirements as a tenant. Your employees‘ code cards offer a convenient and safe access control system for both the indoor and outdoor areas, including the underground garage. Further- more, the permanent video surveillance system ensures that all access points to the building are protected by the highest levels of security.


The building control and safety technology is monitored by two qualified on-site engineers, who also live at “Im MediaPark 5”. They coordinate all of the operations affecting the property and are also available free of charge to you as a tenant for services such as small conversion and repair work. The benefits to you are of course on-site facility management and professional assistance.